The 12 best bitcoin info sources

These are the most valuable resources about bitcoin:

  1. comprehensive resource with an overview of bitcoin wallets and a great developer documentation
  2. Bitcoin Wiki: the most comprehensive technical info about bitcoin
  3. r/Bitcoin: bitcoin subreddit, very popular in the bitcoin community
  4. Bitcoin StackExchange: most popular bitcoin Q&A site
  5. CoinDesk: bitcoin news site, also tracks data like venture capital investments in bitcoin companies
  6. bitcoin charts: latest price info and charts for all major bitcoin exchanges and currency pairs
  7. Bitcoin Average: bitcoin price average calculated based on weighted prices of liquid bitcoin exchanges
  8. popular bitcoin block chain explorer, has also great charts about the bitcoin network
  9. Bitnodes: displays all active bitcoin nodes, add your own to become part of the network :)
  10. Bitcoin Talk: oldest and most popular bitcoin forum
  11. Bitcoin Foundationbitcoin lobby organisation which supports bitcoin core development

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