How do I start earning interest with my bitcoins?

Step 1. Register on our platform and confirm your email.

Step 2. Submit your personal details such as name and home address.

Step 3. Complete your online video verification. Make sure to have your valid passport / national ID card with you. 

Step 4Fund your account with bitcoins. Your bitcoin address is displayed to you in the 'Funds' section. Note that you can spend incoming funds after the deposit has 3 or more confirmations. This means that it takes about 30 minutes until you can use your funds

Step 5. Browse listings and place bids on the loans you would like to fund. All loans are divided into BTC 0.01 increments. This is the minimum investment per loan. We recommend to diversify your portfolio according to our 5 principles of bitcoin lending

Our Statistics page provides you with historical data you can learn from. Please note that there are loans that have bitcoin as the base currency and loans the have the US dollar and Euro as base currencies. The latter are loan types where all repayments are denominated in USD or Euro and where bitcoin price fluctuations are mitigated.

Step 6. The lending period begins when a loan you placed a bid on gets funded. This happens either if the requested amount is funded within the 14 days auction period or if the funded amount exceeds the 60% threshold at the end of the auction. Should a loan not reach the 60% funding threshold, your bid will be refunded to your account.

Step 7. Check your portfolio regularly under 'Investments' and watch how you earn interest on your bitcoins and grow your savings.

Step 8. Use your funds to invest in new projects or withdraw and spend them elsewhere.

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